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Beneath The Golden Mango Tree 
by Trish StHill


Beneath the Golden Mango Tree chronicles the integration process of the West Indian immigrants into American culture through the experience of a young girl who moved from the West Indies to America at the end of the 1970's. For anyone who has taken the immigrant journey, it reminds us of our struggles, our pain and ultimately our triumph. This novel depicts a poignant tale which brings an often forgotten immigrant group - West Indians to the forefront and mingles the West Indian experience with that of the historical tragedy of the Garifuna people of Central America. Through the backdrop of a special friendship, Felicia engulfs us with her humor, her tears and her successes, as we experience her coming of age with full realization and embracing of her ancestral Garifuna heritage. As she blossoms into full womanhood, we revel in her acceptance of the varied shades of life that teaches a lesson in pride, ambition and total acceptance. Beneath The
Golden Mango Tree is the first in a dazzling series by Trish StHill which masterfully blends West Indian and Garifuna immigrant stories that saturate our soul with jubilance and victory.  

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Beyond The Mango's Shade 

by Trish StHill


Emotionally bruised and disillusioned, the beautiful and sophisticated Felicia Francois-Nanton is determined to soothe her wounded spirit by delving into her quest of righting the historic wrong of her Garifuna people. When cupid's arrow crosses her heart in the form of dashing, Belizean born Garifuna, Darvil Ballentyne, Felicia struggles to stick to her convictions and avoid his irresistible charm. But his charm proves a force to be reckoned with and Felicia wonders if her heart is leading her down another troubled path. As she struggles to stay on the course she envisioned for her mission, life sends her a staggering jolt that her father might still be alive. Can Felicia find the balance and strength to carry the historic torch of her people's fight while she searches for her father - the illusive Clifton Lavia; and explore the depths of her erotic entanglement with the striking Belizean Garifuna heartthrob that inundates her soul? Beyond the Mango's Shade is the second book in the trilogy by Ms StHill and just like the first book, you won't be disappointed.

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      Non Fiction  

Tangling With God's Enemy 
by Minister Nadine Gibson


Nadine Gibson battled the doldrums of the McGregor Gully ghettos of Jamaica West Indies, to make her way to a better life in America. But the demons of molestation and abuse followed her to the shores of America, placing her in a stronghold of marijuana, rape, rejection and hopelessness. Her riveting story of God's redeeming grace takes readers through a journey of violence, destruction and forgiveness.
        Children's Books  
Celebrating You A to Z - Helping Girls Develop Positive Self Esteem 

by Denise Burke Lyn


Inspiring girls all over the world, this book gives young readers the opportunity to relate to each character. Denise Burke Lyn takes an extrordinary creative approach to help young girls learn the alphabet while helping them build their self-esteem.

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Garifuna 4 Kids 
by Isidra Sabio


Garifuna 4 Kids is a kindergarten coloring book that engages children while teaching them some basic words in the Garifuna language.
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Supnic: The Greatest Fisherman In Baruwali

by James Lovell


Supnic is an endearing coming of age story set in the Garifuna fishing village of Baruwali in Yurumein. This book which is written in both English and Garifuna, tells the story of a special young boy who overcame life's obstacles to become the greatest fisherman in Baruwali.

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Boundless Vision 

by Carden Michael


The probing mind of Carden Michael has given us some engaging poetry, prose, essays and short stories; the title itself is haunting and mysterious. Carden takes us through puzzling moods and cryptic insights having such vividness that they seem to be an embodiment, a personal reserve that has finally been released. He examines a wide range of topics born out of different circumstances from religion to liberty, not negating our contemporary issues.

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